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I wish this were the bidding menu for elite hunters in Hostel

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This fire is out of control!

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3 seconds to take stairs or render yourself useless to women permanently?

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Here is a collection of foodscapes crafted from cured meats and bacon.  This is the most creative use of charcuterie that I have ever seen.  This could totally replace Candyland for me; yay, I rolled doubles, shortcut to Mortadella Mountain . . .

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Islate rumor round up

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On January 27, 2010, Apple is having a special press announcement which is widely rumored to be the unveiling of the mythic tablet that has been under wraps for some time.  Reportedly, Steve Jobs wanted to make something better that “a laptop while on the toilet” and there has been speculation that it may be media focused, like a mac mini meets the Iphone.  The upcoming Ipad or Islate (et al.) may be an entry into the ereader wars, kill cable tv, or be the middle ground in a Goldilocks situation between the Iphone and a Macbook.  Despite the fact that I am a huge Apple whore, I personally would not buy one until the third iteration comes out if at all.  Apple has a history of making monumental leaps for product refresh between 1.0 and 2.0 with significant cost cutting, whereas 3.0 is usually 2.0 plus needed features, more gloss and a little cheaper.  Here are some links to the best coverage of this forthcoming product:

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Entelligence: iSlate or just uWish? – Engadget

What do you think, will you be tossing your kindle and apple tv in the trash or is this a wait and see product?

Shark Vs. Octopus

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A shark and an octopus in a giant aquarium duke it out.  I think you will be surprised by the outcome.  The music sounds like a Square Enix game and the narrator should be selling glue or a blanket on an infomercial, but this video is amazing nonetheless.

You must have two chins and no neck to ride this bus

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