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Seinfeld Characters play D&D

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Johhny Cash Birthday Links

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Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!

David Patterson quits misses Ashley Dupre – NYPost

Iphone platformer has 4 kinds of nostalgia – IHC

Zoolander 2? – AV Club (Onion)

Craigslist sperm donor – (Site NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

Canada’s women hockey know how to party, also coach gets points for hair – Dlisted

Daily dose of Links – Leenks

What your car really says about you – Holy Taco

Bonus: Johnny Cash with Oscar the Grouch after the jump

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Play with these at your own hetero peril!

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Recently, I went to New Orleans and saw this great window display.  The little sign reads “Gay Heritage Tour Starts here”.  Seeing all of the posed Ken Dolls made me remember staging battles with my toys as a kid.  Then I remembered the controversy (maybe mid nineties?) about the ability a child’s toys have on their future, and how toy guns make kids violent and some seemed to infer that dolls could make boys effeminate or (shudder) gay.  I think this is an absolutely absurd premise, so I submit for your approval, toys we played with as kids that are were most likely secretly gay and none of us knew.

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Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

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Wow, check out this clip from 1983.  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are having fun together.  Bill Gates compliments the Mac (presumably before stealing the OS).

Also, snarkily, software developers look better with age, yeesh.

Facebook Fail

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2 and a Half men groan track

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Caught this on the Huffington Post.  College Humor removed the laugh track and added real life responses.
“If you’re a fan of pain and have subjected yourself to an episode of “Two and a Half Men,” then you know that its biggest fan is…”Two and a Half Men.” As the puns and cheeky innuendos let loose, the laugh track is at full throttle, muffling Sheen and his wacky antics.”

Too bad that cad Charlie can’t have a laugh track or writers for the current drama in his life.  Maybe they could bring back Night Court for the trial.
Via Huffington Post via College Humor

For the amateur Tony Stark

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This video is pretty neat and it shows you how to make a miniature magnetic power generator.  You could build a larger one for under $100 bucks if you wanted to power something larger.