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Can’t pick a motherfucking dinner?!?

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Try clicking on What the fuck should I make for dinner?


Its time to start the icing, its time to light the lights

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Even Statler and Waldorf won’t bitch about these.  Via Fuck Yeah Num Nums

Sorry Samus, your princess is in another castle

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Played Online has a great version of Super Mario Brothers where you can swap in other classic NES characters and retain their abilities.  Samus can drop bombs and still upgrades with magic mushrooms.

Via Played Online


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Shortened version of the Blue Oyster Cult song with video clips to brighten your day.

Via YouTube

Star Wars Nerds and Text Linguists Rejoice!

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Via w00t

Trustworthiness of Beards

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Handy guide to determine how trustworthy someone ‘s facial hair is.

Friday Fart Facts (and alliteration)

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Feel free to blame this post on the dog.