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Marked for Lawsuit

Posted in Bad-ass, Fame Whores, Seagal on April 14, 2010 by gvcatullus

Folk singer, environmentalist, police officer, martial artist and reluctant movie star, Steven Seagal was sued for 1 million dollars by a former model who bragged about her ability to manipulate men and women on the Tyra Banks show.

If Seagal is found guilty, his career could take irreparable damage.  After the jump are several possible outcomes if he is found guilty:

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Pick Two – What is cheaper, therapy or plastic surgery?

Posted in Fail, Fame Whores, Funny, Pop culture on March 11, 2010 by gvcatullus

Via Buzzfeed

Playboy is in trouble

Posted in Fame Whores, Funny, Tough Shit on February 14, 2010 by gvcatullus

In 1999 the price of a share of stock in Playboy cost $36 a share. Now it is $3.14. (source)

There are many possible reasons for the magazine’s recent failure, including availability of smut online, competition from lad mags and the similar woes faced by print media.  I think it is the choice of “celebrities” that Hugh Hefner puts in the magazine.  Recently celebrities have included Tara Reid, Heidi Montag, and Kelly Bensimon (I had to look the last two up).  Playboy has gone with a has-been drunk, a never will be tramp and a leathery attention whore.  How can they top this in 2010?

Predictions after the jump.

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