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Posted in Fail, Funny, Internet Classic, Tough Shit on March 7, 2010 by gvcatullus

I think this video is fake, but this guy loses it big time.  He makes some genius comments, like “where is a plug, was this building built in the 40’s?” , and become irate by the way his coworker spells his name.


Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

Posted in 80's, Geeky, Internet Classic, Must See, Neat, Nerdgasm on February 25, 2010 by gvcatullus

Wow, check out this clip from 1983.  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are having fun together.  Bill Gates compliments the Mac (presumably before stealing the OS).

Also, snarkily, software developers look better with age, yeesh.

Every reason David Banner lost it on the Incredible Hulk

Posted in Internet Classic on February 16, 2010 by gvcatullus

Kenneth Johnson (Hulk) director has a list of every Hulk-out that an assistant director created,
“Kenny writes…”While directing on JAG I was privileged to work
with a brilliant Assistant Director named Kevin Koster. He has
an amazing memory. He’s able to tell you instantly all the details
of every single JAG episode. — Kevin’s also a serious Hulk fan,
and he gifted me with this list of EVERY reason that Dr. David
Banner was driven to Hulk out. It makes very funny reading.
Two of my personal faves have always been #20 & #47.
— Thanks, Kev! You’re priceless!”

Via HulkOutList