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Sony takes a break from not listening to consumers, plans to actively fall on its own sword

Posted in 80's, Fail, Geeky, Pop culture, Tech News, Tough Shit on March 5, 2010 by gvcatullus

Make believe is right!  In the 80’s Sony perfected the walkman which was a runaway hit.  Everyone already had cassettes so making a portable device that they played in was terrific.  Since then, they have managed to make sure they maximize incompatability of any product they make with anything you might accidentally own.  Their cameras use memory sticks, their music uses ATRAC, the PSP used mini discs and mini disc movies (when they released anything at all) and their proprietary formats are no better, and often more expensive.  At this point I am shocked they are benevolent enough to let you use outlets made on planet earth and are not reliant on some esoteric power source.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony is planning on waging war against Apple by making a new online media platform and gadgets to use this service.  They envision something to combat the Ipad that can be used as an ereader, game delivery system and download games.  Home, Sony’s PS3 Network service is/was a distaster (may not be around any more and I am not looking it up) and their movie service via PS3 is only as poorly designed as a steel toed jogging shoe.
I hope this, like the Blu-ray gambit finally sinks Sony or at least deflates Howard Stringer’s pompous ass.

Source WSJ

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Scientist Discovers Fruit Peel and Newspaper Can Be Turned Into Ethanol Fuel

Posted in Neat, Science, Tech News on February 19, 2010 by gvcatullus

Rubbish powered the DeLorean’s Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor power source in Back To The Future, so it makes sense that now we’re in the future we can make ethanol fuel from fruit peel.

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Scale of the Universe

Posted in Science, Tech News on February 4, 2010 by gvcatullus

This is really cool.  You can go as small as the fabric of space (Einstein) to infinity.

Via Documanga

Islate rumor round up

Posted in Tech News on January 24, 2010 by gvcatullus

On January 27, 2010, Apple is having a special press announcement which is widely rumored to be the unveiling of the mythic tablet that has been under wraps for some time.  Reportedly, Steve Jobs wanted to make something better that “a laptop while on the toilet” and there has been speculation that it may be media focused, like a mac mini meets the Iphone.  The upcoming Ipad or Islate (et al.) may be an entry into the ereader wars, kill cable tv, or be the middle ground in a Goldilocks situation between the Iphone and a Macbook.  Despite the fact that I am a huge Apple whore, I personally would not buy one until the third iteration comes out if at all.  Apple has a history of making monumental leaps for product refresh between 1.0 and 2.0 with significant cost cutting, whereas 3.0 is usually 2.0 plus needed features, more gloss and a little cheaper.  Here are some links to the best coverage of this forthcoming product:

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What do you think, will you be tossing your kindle and apple tv in the trash or is this a wait and see product?